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Mark Klaus NOW at HSN


 Master Sculptor Mark Klaus, in his 18th consecutive year on TV
Is glad to be "Back Home" on HSN.

There’s No Place Like Home on HSN!

All night he does travel to deliver the joys,
To the good little girls and the good little boys.

With toys piled high on his magical sleigh,
Keeping the sunrise of Christmas afar and at bay.

So the work that he does can be finished complete,
From the new doll for Anne to the new bike for Pete.

With millions of small ones peering out in the night,
To catch a sight of their Santa on his wondrous flight.

Each one has their letter, milk, and cookies by the fire,
As the radio utters songs by the Tabernacle Choir.

Many nights have gone by since their parents had been,
Ordering great gifts for their family from HSN.

There was no need for parking or bundling up tight,
To trudge through the snow on a cold winter night.

To find what was special dad sat in his chair,
Shopping for Christmas with nary a care.

Then while Santa was watching to see who was good,
He saw HSN on the TVs and knew that he could,
Give a break to the elves, and home shopping a look,
To order up treasures and check off names in his book.

What a change it had made all though Santa’s house,
Every elf was so happy and even the mouse.

Who had watched for years, the elves working too long,
Was so glad now to see them all singing a song,
Of Christmas to wish Santa well as he roams,
Santa thinks as he journeys,

There’s No Place Like Home.


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