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Mark Klaus Collection at Goebel (1993)


This news item was brought to you by The Unique Gift Idea to better help you understand the real person Mark Klaus.

Mark Klaus has not only worked with HSM and QVC, he also spent many years designing sculptures at the world renown and one of the #1 places to purchase sculpted figurines throughout the world, and that company was Goebel.

As his Goebel brochure states:

"Welcome to the enchanted world of Mark Klaus. Taking his inspiration from the most famous gift maker of all, Mark has created a collection of fascinating figurines that brings the Christmas legend to life. He has masterfully sculpted his own memories of childhood wonder into the imaginative characters from Little Tree Village and the North Pole. Dedicated to the memory of his mother, the Mark Klaus Kollection now becomes a family tradition shared by you!"

These figurines were designed by Mark Klaus for Goebel during 1993 and prior years so these collector items are no longer available to purchase but you can view these sculpted masterpieces he created in the pamphlet below.

You can now get his current masterpieces here at The Unique Gift Idea. If you are wondering if thise are all authentic Mark Klaus Kollection we sell, I would say yes since this is Mark Klaus' first website where he wants to bring his most faithful followers not only his present collection but many of his past sculpted figurines as well.

"In a time and place before sleigh bells and reindeer, before Santa ever slid down the chimney to stuff stockings and make wishes come true, there were the Elves and the Bigs, and Mama and Papa Klaus, and Ahab and Harrydini, and all the others who settled Little Tree and Friendship Village. Why, it's a story as enchanting as Santa himself!

Come share in the fascinating times and travels of all of these magical characters as they help Papa Klaus build his wonderful toys, while cleverly staying a step ahead of the evil King Shame and his guardsmen.

As Christmas elves, many have been by specially chosen by Santa himself to reside at his castle in the NOIth Pole. Still others live in the Elf Kingdom, helping Santa from deep in the forests of Little Tree and Friendship Village, while they eagerly await their turn to be called to the North Pole someday to join their friends. Where they will be among Papa Klaus' elves who tirelessly prepare all year long for that wintry night when someone will pull back the covers, run over to the window and, if they' re very lucky, see the magic happen all over again."