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Holly Wood Christmas MovieLand Museum (2010)


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Mark Klaus "Holly"-Wood Christmas MovieLand Museum

By Mary Martin, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Mon Dec 06, 2010, 7:38 pm EST

Mark Klaus told me that "Holly"-Wood Christmas MovieLand wants to offer Cleveland area movie fans a way to enjoy Christmas movies all through the year. His museum contains an extensive collection of Christmas movie memorabilia, props and costumes that he and his wife, Dana, have collected over the years.

Mark and Dana shared their love of Christmas movies over a cup of coffee. Mark emphasized the fact that these seasonal movie favorites are an enduring part of our American culture that are watched over and over year after year. These movies, and the memories and images from them, are precious. The movies are family entertainment. They are multi-generational. Christmas movies endure and are treasured more and more as they are passed from one generation to the next.

"Holly"-Wood Christmas MovieLand brought together the extensive collection of Christmas movie memorabilia, props and costumes purchased by Mark over the years. His love of these movies led him to sources of original items from movie sets, memorabilia long forgotten and costumes that may have been discarded. Mark and Dana want you to be able to stand beside these treasures and become a part of your favorite Christmas movie for a short time. What do they have to offer?

Movie Props and Costumes

From "The Grinch" Mark told me that he has the 16' sleigh driven through Whoville by Jim Carrey. Mark said he would love to allow you to see the Green Whoville Utility car and Cindy Lou Who's entire bedroom set. Hundreds of costumes and props beg to be shared. They even have the last can of "Who Hash".

Will Ferrell's costume from "Elf" along with three additional assistant elf costumes wait to be shared by Mark.

Mark and Dana want to show you props and costumes from "Santa Claus", "The Santa Clause", "A Christmas Story", "A Christmas Carol", "Miracle on 34th Street" and "Fred Claus".

Mark said "Christmas Carol" comes alive when you walk down the street in front of Scrooge and Marley's store.

Movie Photos Exhibit


Mark said that the hundreds of large photo prints he has collected may be seen. He wants you to see the actors as photographed in their roles, entire casts, scenes from the movies and in the costumes of the characters.

Mark and Dana have collected and want to share this extensive move memorabilia photography dating from the 1940s through today.

Vintage Cleveland Christmas


Mark feels that he must include his Higbee's Christmas display window items of the '40s, '50s and '60s which allow local residents to relive those precious moments of peering into a fantasy Christmas world.

Mark and Dana also want you to relive special moments with the many favorite toys from the '50s, '60s and '70s. Maybe you will see something that was under your Christmas tree!

Mark said he, Dana and their children love sharing Christmas movie memories. They have shared through "Holly"-Wood Christmas MovieLand in several Cleveland locations over the past few years. Now the museum needs a new home which will allow you to visit and see that 16' sleigh from "The Grinch". Mark and Dana are looking for at least 10,000 sq ft with a 16' ft clearance in part of it. They need a place with ample parking, safe for you and your family. Cleveland residents want to visit and to host visitors from other states and countries. Mark is searching for a new home for "Holly"-Wood Christmas MovieLand. This is a precious movie museum and memorabilia collection for the Cleveland area. Help Mark and Dana find a new home for the museum call: 440-453-5889 to share information.

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